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    OPEN CALL for a collective rewriting of design history

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    Onomatopee 225

    Fieldwork for Future Ecologies

    Radical practice for art and art-based research
    Bridget Crone, Sam Nightingale, Polly Stanton (Eds.)

    € 39

    In (re)print
    Onomatopee Z0036


    Nina Fránková, Amy Gowen, Ott Metusala, Kris Dittel, Denisa Kollárová, Pedro Moraes, Annee Grøtte Viken

    € 17

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    Onomatopee 199


    Designing History
    Chris Lee

    € 22

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    Onomatopee 212


    Let’s talk about storytelling, colonialism, Netflix and my great grandfather
    Gudrun E. Havsteen-Mikkelsen

    € 27

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    Onomatopee 230

    Durable Discussions

    Essays from the Disarming Design Department
    Annelys de Vet ed.

    € 19.5

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    Onomatopee Z0042

    Kid of the internet

    Geo Barcan

    € 12

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    Onomatopee 201.1

    Research For People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create 1.1

    Dirk Vis

    € 15

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    Onomatopee 197

    Floppy Disk Fever

    The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium
    Niek Hilkmann, Thomas Walskaar (Eds.)

    € 18

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    Onomatopee Z0038

    Shallow Waters

    Shifting geographies of two extreme urban deltas
    Bureau LADA

    € 17

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    Onomatopee 206


    the hesitant state of design
    Joannette van der Veer

    € 17

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