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Mobile Disruptive Architecture

Onomatopee 171

Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 8.
Mobile Disruptive Architecture Interventions in Eindhoven public space.
Locations: Saturday 7 on the Stadhuisplein, Sunday 8 at the green at the Adolf van Cortenbachstraat / Lodewijk Houbenstraat (around the corner of the new Onomatopoee). We will be there at 2 pm for sure, follow instagram if you want to know exactly.

September 6
door open 19:30, program start 20:00
TALKS of Co-Machine architects Studio Basse Stittgen & Donghwan Kam, Melissa Jin, On/Off and Takehito Etani with architect Arie van Rangelrooy (architecten-en-en) who has a huge engagement with cultural life, curator Theo Tegelaers (TAAK) who specialises in public space, Niels Groeneveld (Werkstatt) who is local architect, very much driven for change and Tim Prins (Studio Stad) who is engaged in the research and practice of the build environment.
Moderated by Justin Agyin, architectural designer and assistent curator of the project. 

19 to 27 October
Group exhibition during Design Week 


The project/exhibition includes co-machines by Studio Basse Stittgen, Melissa Jin, On/Off and Takehito Etani.

Inspired by the recent tendency among architects and designers to opt out of traditional office work in favour of creating self-initiated interventions in public space,‘Co-machines’ maps out a new architectural movement motivated by practices of place-making, occupying and squatting, and alternative economies. Ecological or technological in scope, all the interventions are mobile and nearly all of them are performed without permission from city planners.
Presenting a selection of international projects by emerging designers, ‘Co-machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture’ shows the life of the alternative, grassroots and DIY with an independent spirit. It seeks out approaches and strategies to complement established urban planning and city-building, and show the beauty and fun in initiative. In a range of ways, ‘Co-machines’ raises questions about the function of architectural permanence, the opportunities for social, ecological, ethical or dynamics otherwise in urban planning and the scope of architecture at large.

Through Onomatopee, four ‘Co-machines’ will be produced to intervene public space in Eindhoven from September 4 -8, after which they go back into storage, to come out again during the Dutch Design Week, October 19-27. In September there will be opportunities to discuss and meet, in October opportunities to get the book and experience the work.

The visual language of the book, inspired by DIY risograph printing, is complemented by a series of thoughtful essays by architects, educators and critics working on the topic.


‘Co-machines’ is an initiative by ON/OFF, an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin, who works collaboratively, drawing on a diverse range of skills. Their work includes mobile structures, film and projection, building workshops and writing, and explores the in-betweens and overlaps of the urban experience to engage citizens in an immediate relationship with their environment in order to challenge conventional ideas of inhabiting and sharing space.
The project includes contributions by:
Kim Dovey, Nick Green, Fiona Shipwright, Michael Maginness, Alison Hugill, Diane Barbé, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Carole Frances Lung, Sam Carvalho, Kape Illustration, Philipp von Hase, Andrea Bandoni + Julia Masagão + Vapor 324 + Marcos L. Rosa + Constructlab, Íñigo Cornago & Claudia Sánchez, Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig, Melissa Jin, Ahmad S. Khouja, Office of Urban Play / Edwina Portocarrero, Tyler Stevermer, Realworld Laboratory for Sustainable Mobility Culture / Marius Gantert, Thomas Rustemeyer, Stefanie Rittler and Jan Bernstein, Atelier Fanelsa & place / making / Niklas Fanelsa, Jan Lindenberg, Stefan Göllner, Office for Political Innovation / Andrés Jaque, PINKCLOUD.DK / Fabian Busse, Leon Lai, Nicolai Schlapps, Eric Tan, Solid Operations / Julia Wildeis, Gerulf Weber, Christian Daschek, Mirjam De Klepper, Marina Weißenböck, Precious Plastic / Dave Hakkens, Guerilla Architects, Jason Vigneri-Beane, Karin Blomgren and Joel Kerner, Tal Mor Sinay, Takehito Etani, Interactive Architecture Lab / William Bondin, Ruairi Glynn, Francois Mangion, William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio, Julia Klauer, Leonard Daisuke Yui & Sahoko Yui, Atilla Ali Tasan, Alex Bruce, Kyle Brown, Will Bunk, Marcus Shaffer, Andrea Orving, Atelier Slant, Alexander v. Lenthe, Kaegh Allen, umschichten