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Onomatopee 190

Welcome to Meeting-Grounds, a project of Eindhoven Footnotes

Meeting-Grounds is a public-space in transit. In the form of a trailer, it operates as a platform, a forum and an assembly point to act critically and collectively in understanding, articulating and contesting the current uses of key public spaces, shared resources and technological advancements in our smart city of Eindhoven.

By focusing on the lived experiences of Eindhoven’s diverse range of locals, Meeting-Grounds is a grassroots project that seeks to support connections between the resistant communities that form our interconnected city. As a mobile public-platform, Meeting-Grounds provides a space to stimulate debate, reflection and discussion and produce situated dialogues between city residents, leaders and creators that help shape the ways in which we understand and inhabit our shared city and the contested spaces within it.

In working directly with local city-residents, we seek to engage with recognizable locations around Eindhoven that can be considered designated spots of activation. We aim to make sense of each location through discussion, yet to move beyond the location itself into the lived experiences, habitual uses, and needs of the city and its inhabitants. By taking these discussions as a starting point we wish to migrate into the city, to understand the complexities surrounding the relationship between space, resources technology and publicness.

Although the Meeting-Grounds space will act as a host and facilitator that provides structure and grounding to our project, in action it will function with flexibility, opening itself to the proposals, ideas, opinions, inputs and intellectuality of those that inhabit its space. It is from here that we will expand into the city to activate, accommodate and engage in discussions.

By using meet-ups as its core, the Mobile Public-Platform is an evolving hosting space where the city can be figuratively and literally dissected and reconnected through groups of participants of various ideas, backgrounds, specialisms and interests all connected by their relationship with the city of Eindhoven. The Meeting-Grounds space itself will be used for a multitude of purposes, from workshop lab, to exhibition space, to archive, to common room, to lecture space and more, all to provide a range of encounters which contest and shape the boundaries of what it means to be a public space within our city.

Through the power of diversification, Meeting-Grounds will migrate into the city, to encourage criticality and moral contestation of the ethics of branded identities, top-down objectives, technological bubbles and the marketization of public places, spaces and resources.


All are welcome on board to help shape our shared space.



Eindhoven Footnotes is a project that investigates the lived experiences of citizens within our shared, technocratic city. Through the lens of art, design, writing, research, architecture and city planning, we intend to develop an open source, public reference library and research space that has the ability to move across and around the city and move beyond locations and discussions into the lived experiences and encounters of local residents.


Footnotes initially began as a series meet-ups, workshops and exhibitions which culminated in five zine publications produced by Josh Plough, each of which engaged with critical reflections on lived experiences and information gathered from an editorial board, outside critics and commentators. Each zine had a theme that was in line with, and overseen by, an editorial board member’s particular quality; for example, the built environment, big data or challenging power structures. This format of meet-ups, exchanges, encounters, workshops, discussions talks and more will continue through this new phase of Footnotes, using the Mobile Public-Platform as an evolving hosting space so that the city can be dissected by groups of participants of various backgrounds, specialisms and interests.

After the 2018-2019 edition of Eindhoven Footnotes'an open source tool that acts both critically and speculatively while tracing the presence of technology in our smart city' (Onomatopee 161) hosted by city curator Josh Plough, we continue the 2019-2020 program with a new curator, Amy Gowen.
Amy Gowen has been involved with many cultural initiatives, doing PR, documentation projects or community work. She finished her MA with a thesis about the commons. At Onomatopee, she will operate as city / community curator.

Amy will develop a new course for the coming year, to be launched softly end September at the Makers fair or surely during the Dutch Design Week 2019.



Onomatopee 161.3, Josh Plough, 2019

Letters from the ISE Technology Think Tank - zine #3

The ISE Technology Think Tank was a collaboration between Eindhoven Footnotes, conceptual designer Pete Fung and the International School Eindhoven. During a series of meetings the participants were introduced to a different and more communal way of seeing technology. Through Pete’s Mobscan happening, see Criticism in the City #1, the members of the think tank discussed, mapped and explored the technologies of Instagram, Tesla and Apple.

A4 Envelope containing thirteen letters
210 x 297 mm / 8.2 x 11.7 inches (Portrait)
Josh Plough
Josh Plough, Pete Fung, Students from the International School Eindhoven
Wibke Bramesfeld
Release date
Eos 90 gr. (inside) and Muskat New Grey 140 gr.
100 Riso-printed
Black and Fluorescent Pink
Onomatopee's Riso, printed by Josh
DonaldsansCODE and Nitti Grotesk
Text editor
Josh Plough
Made possible by
Creative Industries Fund NL, Cultuur Eindhoven.
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