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Radical Aesthetics

The identification of identity: sensualities and motives.

Onomatopee 120

Onomatopee 120.1
Jim Ricks (US/IRL)

Onomatopee 120.2
Jasmina Cibic (SLO)

Onomatopee 120.3
Anne de Vries (NL)

Symbols make story lines come alive. Through specialists’ visual narratives this series of solo exhibitions and publications offers expanding orientations and provides deepening perspectives to the present symbolic ordering.

What connects these artists in spite of the differences in their visual language and themes is the careful use of symbolic carriers. In an art-historic tradition they play with iconographic elements. Objects and signs are symbolically activated: sometimes as emblem, sometimes as a means to add character and sometimes as interpreting token. They play the identification of identity: recognisable to some as a relevant symbol of an urgent theme and to others as a familiar motive from literature, art, everyday life or popular culture.

Each exhibition consists of a room where a new work will be shown in all its splendour and a room with documentation: a filmed interview with the artist, reading tables, documentation of previous works, details of the exhibited work and more. We also offer a publication that will allow you to discover more backgrounds, motives, stories and areas of tension.

In the identification of identity, in the connection of motive and theme, of emblem and experience, these artists are incredibly valuable to us, inhabitants of a visual culture. Through their visual narratives we can acknowledge new recognitions and refresh the known. Onomatopee is excited to present them to you in order to take their expertise as a lead to deepen our experiences together.

By re-arranging aspects of our visual arsenal, these artists present a poetic horizon of our life. From their professional stance they provide extraordinary points of view and offer us the ability to find additional value in our life experience. Their poetry is the key to the surprising experience and the expanding perspectives that we are privileged to encounter; it opens doors to life knowledge and life skills within visual culture.