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slld delights

Onomatopee 22

With a solo presentation in the project space of Onomatopee, Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis will rise a landscape that situates reality in another perspective. Within the installation, Luc and Sofie will create a number of view accessories, including polished tubular appliances, a giant kaleidoscope and a silver magnifying glass. This will all be presented in a big still life.

With their installations, furniture and object Flemish artists Sofie Lachaert and Luc D’hanis explore the borderline between design and the visual arts. They work in a pure, minimalist style. Through small, subtle interventions they give everyday objects a new significance, an unexpected beauty. Discarded coins, forgotten objects, worthless furniture, they all take on a new life and become useful again. They create a slightly surrealistic, parallel world where two ordinary chairs are grown together, where there is a place for silver chip forks, unusual crystal bottles, silver seed.


For the 2008 Eindhoven Design Week (NL), they have the exhibition space of Onomatopee at their disposal. They are going to make an installation ’slld delights’. Visitors are confronted with literal and figurative distortions of reality. In a mise-en-scène with an anamorphosis of precious objects, with reflections, with kaleidoscopic images. Transformations of reality. The real meaning, the real image veiled, turned around, disguised. Spectators become participants.

For this installation Lachaert & D’Hanis will make a number of ’looking’ accessories, polished tubular appliances, a giant kaleidoscope, a silver magnifying glass. Arranged like a life size representation of a still life, wunderkammer, show case.

In cooperation with Onomatopee, Lachaert & D’Hanis will design a publication as an accompaniment to the presentation.


About SLLD

In the many years they worked together they thought up and carried out quite a lot of beautiful projects and presentations. For example at the Interior Fair 2002 (Kortrijk, Belgium) where wondrous objects inhabited the stand, a table with nine legs, an elongated cabinet with potatoes, an enormous necklace as a heavy burden on a piece of furniture shot to smithereens, a single light bulb as lighting. All in one colour only. Sober. Intriguing. In 2004 there was a gigantic white cage, with strange glass objects, sugar cubes imprisoned in a silver cage, a chalk-white tree covered with silver nails. Fragile, quiet dream world.

In 2007 Lachaert & D’Hanis realised a culinary event ‘have dinner with Flemish Masters’ for Droog Design Amsterdam (NL), to go with the exhibition of their work.