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WHO TOLD YOU SO?! #3 Truth vs. Scène

“Accent your positive and delete your negative” – Donna Karan

Onomatopee 75.3

Opening: Friday 7 September, 20:00
8 September – 28 October
Special opening hours during Dutch Design Week 2012 (20-28 October)

This third chapter of the year-long Who told you so?! program focuses on the story of Truth vs. Scène. The fruits of our “social life” are disguised: not as social but as narrow-minded. With the advent of the experience economy and the increased complexity of our specialized society, we have found cohesion with our “friends:” friendly blogs and nice mood boards that match our supposed ideological identity. We are able to live the lives we want to live, as long as we do not harm others. We can hide online or behave ourselves offline, as long as our roads are paved. Again, it is the economy that pushes us out of these comfort zones, when the results and production of our labour, leisure and luxury are revealed as a fragile façade. What is our identity, on which basis is it constructed and how can we sustain our dignity beyond the normal routes?

Precisely within the framework of the Dutch Design Week, a week full of tempting things we always like to rave about, this project questions the course, structure and results of this scène.


Boudewijn Bollmann (NL), Daan Samson (NL), Exactitudes: Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek (NL), Gillian Wearing (UK), Julián d´Angiolillo (ARG), Katrin Korfmann (NL), Ken Lum (CAN), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), Matthijs Bosman (NL), Mireia c. Saladrigues (ES), Serge Onnen (NL) Šejla Kamerić (BA).
project specific poem by Krijn Peter Hesselink
project specific text by René Gabriëls and by Daniel Miller