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Please contact to find out more about reserving and printing with our Riso.

Colours available are: black, blue, green, red, teal (not included in color chart below), purple, yellow, flat gold and fluorescent pink.

Costs (incl 9% VAT)

Startup costs                  €  4,50,-
Masters per A4                 €  3,50,-
(one A3 = two A4)
Prints / tick (per A4)         €  0,10,-
regular ink
Prints / tick (per A4)
metallic ink                   €  0,15,-
Paper EOS A3/90grams off white €  0,10,-

Use stationery                 €  3,-
(cutting machine, staplers, cutting materials)



We rent out spaces, depending on availability, hour of the day, public/private meeting and so forth. Just email us.


Job vacancies

Not at the moment, but we are open to engaged ideas…