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Book launch and presentation ’Touche-à-Tout’
Foam photography museum Amsterdam
Thursday, April 6, 18:00

Presentations, amungst others by artist Doina Kraal and Freek Lomme, publisher and co-editor with Doina and graphic designer/art director Merel van den Berg 


Onomatopee 138 / Cabinet project
some frames for the wonder of the world, featuring some of the wonders of the world

Book launch and presentation at Foam, Amsterdam: April 6, 18:00

Mini-exhibition at Onomatopee : April 6 - May 14

We encounter so many things in our daily lives, but do we still experience a sense of wonder?
Artist-explorer Doina Kraal takes us along a journey of discovery and shares her findings. She reinvents old devices but also uses modern tools to experience the world we know, in ever changing ways. 


Onomatopee 138

Doina Kraal

Price: € 35,00    

Photography by Blickfänger.

Photography by Blickfänger.

ISBN: 978-94-91677-64-9
208 pages, softcover in plastic dustjacket
170 x 240 mm / 6,7 x 9,5 inches standing
361 images: 260 in full color, 101 Black/White

Editorial team: Doina Kraal, Merel van den Berg and Freek Lomme 

Graphic design: Merel van den Berg 

Authors: Nicole Barbery Bleyleben, Joyce Roodnat, Tobias Tiecke, sascia vos, Bernadine Ypma

This book is part travel log of things encountered and part sensory quest to revive our ability to marvel at the things that are right in front of us. It offers a window through which we can perceive endless different realities, up close and from a distance, suggesting a wondrous alternative to the earthly mundane.

Made possible thanks to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Gieskes-Strijbis Fund and the Foam 3H award, Mondriaan Fund and Soledad Senlle Art Foundation 

© Onomatopee 2011