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Launch of ’the unmediated mediation / de onbemiddelde bemi
at P/////AKT, Amsterdam
Thursday, June 30, 19:30 - 23:30

Launch of ’the unmediated mediation / de onbemiddelde bemiddeling’ LP + booklet.
Introduced by Freek Lomme, followed by the first official playing of the record. 


Onomatopee 128 / Cabinet project
the unmediated mediation / de onbemiddelde bemiddeling
Ruminations about the locality of art production / Mijmeringen rond de lokaliteit van kunstproductie

Invited as moderator within the 2015 year program at P/////AKT, platform for contemporary arts Amsterdam, curator, writer and poet Freek Lomme reflected upon the way the various exhibitions came about, as unmediated mediation typical to the production and presentation of artist-run projects. 

The 2015 series of six exhibitions featured Bram de Jonghe, Dan Walwin, Bas Van Den Hurk & Hans Demeulenaere, Claudia Pagès & Ulijona Odišarija, Roderick Hietbrink and Kasper Bosmans. The LP carries experimental spoken word of writings reviewing each exhibition. The accompanying booklet survey’s images of the various exhibition and lists of all materials brought in to produce each exhibition. 


We can doubt to what extend the world is full of ideas and / or experiences but cannot ignore the facts of stuff. We should possibly support the determination of our reality by relying on the stuff, rather then anything trivial floating outside of it. If indeed so, then this project may just deliver be a justified approach as speech act. Possibly even, as form of art reviewing, it offers more justifiable words for the actual exhibitions on site.
When stuff is aligned with purpose, care, and/or sensitivity, as when artists make exhibitions through engaging whatever specific on a material basis leaving us artworks and exhibitions, there might just be a bigger reality inherent to the that stuff, within the total setting of this stuff. That reality just might not need any further thought and might not need any mediation as it starts and ends being stuff.

In short notes (call it poems) Freek wrote down what he saw, without writing down thoughts about wider context, abstract analysis, historical connections or personal experiences: just to write about the stuff. In being descriptive, as if to leave out all human projections and to come to some sort of reality without reflection, projection or imagination, he tried to reach for an objective truth-finding...and find out if words without anthropocentric burden can indeed connect with the world outside of us and make sense fundamentally.

It is by the diction and rhythm applied in the spoken out loud reading of the texts, as pressed onto vinyl, as well as through tension projected onto this result by you my dear listener/reader, while you’re connecting to the rhythm and such, that our human sensitivity interferes again.

Simply to appreciate life, in order to reach out to an understanding via experience, Freek values conceptual wonder. Not allowing for much unmediated production, he normally works as director at project space and publisher Onomatopee, which he founded. But then he also writes poetry, experiment beyond the constraints of the sense-making ratio, into a flow of sensory. It is in appreciation of the temporal and ephemeral nature of the shows that he wanted to release the results as spoken word, on vinyl that doesn’t easily migrate to viral.


This material is written over the course of 2015 in the train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven and behind Freek’s desk, read and recorded in a hut in Topanga California, February 2016. 

Commissioner: P/////AKT Amsterdam
Graphic design: Harvey Herman
Audio processing:Tom Verbruggen (TokTek)
Translations: Nanne op t’ Ende

Special thanks to: the P///// AKT people: Nienke Vijlbrief and Rob van de Werdt for given liberty, Gieneke Pieterse for keeping it all together, Valeria Marchesini for production, to all artist for allowing me to engage this way, Tom Verbruggen for audio processing, Harvey Herman for stimulation, illustrating and production and a big kiss in writing to Nanne op t’ Ende for his amazing translating.

Made possible thanks to the generous support of the Mondriaan Foundation, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). 



the unmediated mediation / de onbemiddelde bemiddeling (LP/book)
Onomatopee 128

Freek Lomme

Price: € 12,00    

isbn: 978-94-91677-57-1
12 inch LP with 16 page booklet
310 x 310 mm / 12 x 12 inch
English and Dutch texts
over 40 images in full color
in plastic sleeve
white vinyl
full color print with silver type 

© Onomatopee 2011
temporary presentation at Onomatopee
temporary presentation at Onomatopee

The hypothesis as a poetics: starting point and first poem of the series, designed by Harvey Herman, early 2015
The hypothesis as a poetics: starting point and first poem of the series, designed by Harvey Herman, early 2015