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Following the COVID-19 measurements our physical space will remain closed.
Stay home, stay safe and read books!

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Latest publications

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Onomatopee 188

A Bestiary of the Anthropocene

Hybrid plants, animals, minerals, fungi, and other specimens
Nicolas Nova, Nicolas Maigret, Maria Roszkowska (Ed.)

€ 27

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Onomatopee 179

Design in conservative times

In between making great things and making things great again
Joannette van der Veer (Ed.)

€ 15

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Onomatopee 109.3

Sounding Things Out: A Journey through Music and Sound Art

Esther Venrooy

€ 15

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Onomatopee 193

Cross Cultural Chairs

8 chairs from 8 countries: diversifying modern seating
Matteo Guarnaccia

€ 25

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Onomatopee 187

(Home Works) – A Cooking Book

Recipes for Organising with Art and Domestic Work
Jenny Richards, Jens Strandberg (Eds.)

€ 20

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Onomatopee 196

Recipes for the Future

Lene ter Haar, Valérie-Anne Houppermans, Astrid Kaminski, Beate Gerlings (Eds.)

€ 16

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Onomatopee 171


Mobile Disruptive Architecture
Dan Pollak Dorocic – ON/OFF architecture (Ed.)

€ 22

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Onomatopee 120.3


Anne de Vries (Ed.)

€ 22

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Onomatopee 176

The Impossibility of Silence

Writing for Designers, Artists & Photographers
Ian Lynam

€ 20

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Onomatopee 183

Art, Engagement, Economy

the Working Practice of Caroline Woolard
Caroline Woolard (artist and editor)

€ 22

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Onomatopee 192

In the Name of <3

– Who claims love ?
Charlie-Camille Thomas (Ed.)

€ 14

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Onomatopee 191

Post - the Poster

The poster in the post-digital era
Wibke Bramesfeld, Freek Lomme (eds.)

€ 12.5

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Onomatopee 184

How many female type designers do you know?

I know many and talked to some!
Yulia Popova (Ed.)

€ 22

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Onomatopee Z0029


Floriane Misslin

€ 15

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