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Onomatopee Z0033 / Cabinet / Dec 3 - Apr 24, 2022


Exhibition in the box
Irena Boric, Mirjana Dragosavljević, Dušica Dražić

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Onomatopee Z0034 / Cabinet / Dec 3 - Apr 24, 2022

radical becoming in the ongoing now

Alexandra Neuman

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Latest publications

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Onomatopee Z0037


Chiara Dorbolò

€ 17

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Onomatopee 224

Building Human Relations Through Art

Belgrade art collective Škart, from 1990 to present
Seda Yildiz (Ed.)

€ 19

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Onomatopee 203.1

Design Capital #1 - The Circuit

Hannah Ellis

€ 10

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Onomatopee 214

Designerly ways of knowing

a working inventory of things a designer should know
Danah Abdulla

€ 12.5

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Onomatopee 208

The Material Kinship Reader

Material beyond extraction and kinship beyond the nuclear family
Clementine Edwards, Kris Dittel (Eds.)

€ 22

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Onomatopee 164

Process Music: songs, stories, and studies of graphic culture

Kenneth FitzGerald

€ 18

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Onomatopee 215

Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age

A survey of practices fuelled by creative coding
Demian Conrad, Rob van Leijsen, David Héritier (eds.)

€ 24

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Onomatopee 172

Script for a Synthetic Play

On (Un)grounding community and the generative power of fiction
Flora Reznik (Ed.)

€ 17

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Onomatopee 161

Tales from a Technocratic City

Eindhoven Footnotes
Josh Plough (ed.)

€ 10

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Onomatopee 210

Artist-run democracy: sustaining a model

15 years of 126 gallery
Jim Ricks (Ed.)

€ 15

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Onomatopee 195

Rights of Way

The Body as Witness in Public Space
Amy Gowen Ed.

€ 17

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Onomatopee Z0028.3


People about Material Cultures.
Saúl Baeza, Laura Clèries (Eds.)

€ 14

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Onomatopee 209

Empathy Revisited

Designs for more than one
Mariana Pestana, Sumitra Upham, Billie Muraben (Eds.)

€ 24

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