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Welcome to Onomatopee, a vibrant open meeting space in Eindhoven that seamlessly merges an exhibition venue, with a publishing house, and RISO workshop.

Welcome to Onomatopee, a vibrant open meeting space in Eindhoven that seamlessly merges an exhibition venue, with a publishing house, and RISO workshop. At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to visual art and autonomous design, while providing a stage for progressive individuals with an experimental mindset to share their insights on contemporary issues with both peers and a broader audience.

Our foundation is made up under these three pillars: Public, Publishing, and Print. The Public pillar brings forth a visually captivating program of exhibitions and lectures. Publishing adds a theoretical layer through our carefully crafted publications, while Print, our RISO workshop, empowers makers to develop and produce, infusing their unique perspectives into our thematic narrative.

We strive to cultivate a dynamic synergy by fostering a community of makers and thinkers. We actively support and execute practices of research, reflection, presentation, production, and collaboration. At Onomatopee, we do not only cultivate ideas but also transform communities and nurture talent. Our commitment to blurring the boundaries between visual arts and autonomous design is a reflection of our focus on societal themes.

Step into our curated spaces, where we provide talented makers with the opportunity to work, showcase, and grow. While we are deeply rooted in a local context, we encourage makers to contribute to themes of global significance. Join us as we explore, provoke, and celebrate the diverse landscape of visual art and autonomous design at Onomatopee.


In pursuit of a new path, we’ve evolved into a values-driven organization at Onomatopee. Our team seamlessly melded past strengths with intrinsic values, resulting in an organic expansion of values and program lines. Our purpose is guided by the values “Listen, truly listen,” “Be courageous,” and “Playful,” influencing every decision.

Listen, truly listen
Onomatopee embodies receptivity and empathy, focusing on current societal issues. We actively listen, inviting our audience openly, cultivating empathy for partners, creators, and the environment. Our genuine care spans from individual stories to macro-level topics, advocating for equality and collaboration. We respond to questions and needs, providing opportunities for creators, writers, and thinkers in an active and inviting space.

Be courageous
At Onomatopee, our distinctive voice and recognizable program showcase our social engagement. We take an uncompromising stance, serving as a bridge for intellectual growth. Choosing the path leading us to our destination, our three pillars — Public, Publish, and Print — represent a visual display, intellectual reflection, and a maker’s perspective on our focused subjects.

Onomatopee exudes playfulness while stimulating thought, seamlessly blending the academic with the poetic. Our flexibility responds to current events, nurtures innovation, and delivers the unexpected and aesthetic. Embracing progress and collaboration, we remain open and socially inviting. Genuine interest in individual stories and broader societal issues prevails, prioritizing equality and collaboration. Opportunities for external talent are created through exhibitions, publications, and RISO workshops.

The team

    • T.M. Cabrera
    • RISO Workshop Coordinator
    • they, them
    • Natasha Rijkhoff
    • Publisher, Print and Program
    • she, her
    • Cecilia Casabona
    • Associate Curator
    • Robin Roelofs
    • Warehouse and Shop
    • she, her
    • Jesse Muller
    • Publisher and Editor
    • she, her
    • Chloë van der Smitte
    • Communications
    • she, her
    • Luuk Nouwen
    • Managing Director
    • he, him
    • Susan van Stekelenburg
    • Administration
    • she, her
    • Valentina de Vito
    • RISO Assistant
    • she, her
    • Marjolein van der Loo
    • Associate Curator
    • Silvia Franceschini
    • Associate Curator


The Board

  • Lene ter HaarChairperson
  • Bram van der HeydenBoard member
  • Ellen ZoeteBoard member


Onomatopee is looking for hosts

Onomatopee is looking for volunteers to host the bookshop and exhibitions space.


D.A.P./ Distributed Art Papers (U.S. and Canada)
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Tel: (212) 627-1999
Fax: (212) 627-9484

Antenne Books (UK, IRL, FR and Scandinavia)
Studio 55, Hackney Downs Studios 17
Amhurst Terrace London
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orders: Maxine Beiny
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Perimeter Distribution (Australia and New Zealand)
748 High Street Thornbury,
Melbourne Victoria, Australia
3071 T +61 3 9484 8101
F +61 3 9484 8180
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Jesse Presse
Trade representative
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Idea Books (DE, FR, SP, IT, CH, WORLD)
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Wholesale rates outside of distributed areas:
Invoice with 40% discount (ex. shipping)
Consignment with 30% discount (ex. shipping)
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Onomatopee (OMP) places significant emphasis on cultural codes, not as an obligation, but as a crucial element for fostering openness and transparency in the cultural realm. These codes serve as the bedrock for our activities and operational approach. Their execution is a collective responsibility shared across the entire team. For each code, a designated team member assumes the lead role in overseeing and aligning actions with the code. These team members are authorized to dedicate 150 hours annually to code implementation and allocate €1,250 for training, deepening, or research. They articulate short and long-term objectives and maintain a detailed logbook of undertaken initiatives. This strategic approach aims to propel our growth in adherence to the codes over the coming years. More about our operational approach can be read in this document (Dutch only).