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On Onomatopee and on cooperating

Onomatopee Projects (founded and directed by Freek Lomme since 2006) is a curating and editorially led public gallery and publisher that is particularly known for their self-initiated and transdisciplinary projects. Furthermore, Onomatopee also hosts the projects of progressive individuals as well as artist-run and institutional organisations.

Inspired by a DIY-attitude and a hunger for critical elevation, Onomatopee Projects discusses and mediates a habitual visual sanctuary of pop culture, power and other environments of visual consciousnesses alike. Over the course of its existence, the exhibition space has attracted an annual average of between 5.000 and 25.000 visitors. Throughout the year they attend many international art book fairs and regularly organise shows abroad. Taking the hub of Eindhoven as a starting point to mount globally relevant programs of various sizes and interests, Onomatopee produces visual criticality and advocates progressive culture: all to inspire in-depth experiences and to provide critical nourishment for all of us.

Each project – consisting of a boundary pushing exhibition and an elevating publication– uses exceptional cultural attention as a source of wonder and knowledge that identifies a current experience of visual culture. Onomatopee’s award-winning publications and experimental exhibitions are known for their technically smart, well-balanced designed lay-out and progressive editing. Assembling surprising teams of artists, designers, academic thinkers, creative writers, architects, exhibition designers, graphic designers and more; the exhibitions’ curatorial formats challenge contemporary topics in unconventional ways.

The team

    • Freek Lomme
    • Founding director
    • Jacques Vermeeren
    • Managing director
    • Dymfy van Meel
    • Print & program
    • Marjolein van der Loo
    • curator
    • Nienke Vording
    • external relations
    • Antoinetta Coolen
    • administration


We are interested for hands-on and thoughtful interns able to help out in the diversity of our workings.

The work spans the building of exhibitions, dissemination of publicity, operating as host / hostess to visitors, organising events, printing material on the risograph, selling books, doing graphic design, writing, photography and more. Work depending on skill and interest. We prefer able multitaskers. If interested, feel free to contact us. Please describe what you are good at, why you value what we do, what you wish to learn at Onomatopee and what you think you can contribute.

Since we have limited budget (an intern is not an employee) we do not encourage foreign enquiries, unless you have a grand. Eindhoven is expensive, since housing is difficult.


If you like us, big chance we like you! Feel free to step by and see how you can join in the sum!

Our network

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Onomatopee: open to proposals and cooperation

Onomatopee initiates projects by itself, but also welcomes proposals and collaborations.

Each Onomatopee project combines publishing with public programs. Publishing can be modest in ambition with the release of a zine or have bigger ambition with the release of a book. This does not mean a zine cannot look like a book; only that zines have lower distribution ambitions. Public programs can range from something small, such as hosting a book-launch, to a huge exhibition with a wider program.

As an exhibition space (in receipt of multi-year funding) Onomatopee can offer space, modest support in costs of material and fees, basic curatorial and productional service, and publicity. As a publisher Onomatopee can invest and co-produce and can advance publisher costs to be returned from first sales benefits. Both forms of investment are conditional to their content and their opportunities to connect to people along the lines of the stakes we set out for.

Onomatopee welcomes proposals on the basis of a motivated engagement with Onomatopee’s work and a smart proposal: artistic, financial, minimum and max ambition or something along those lines.

Please know we do not need a fixed plan, but value an outline of basic premises, how this premise is evidenced by the content, what the content would or could roughly be, who you would like to involve, what the indicated costs are to produce this and if you have benefits guaranteed or expected. It is also nice if you can share what you would want from Onomatopee in the production and artistic management of the project.
On this basis, we can open up conversation, advice and together deliver the project. Depending on the proposal Onomatopee can contribute to costs of research and development, production and presentation, publishing and distribution.

Onomatopee promotes progressive voices, ideas and expressions that, by their unique nature, deliver unique vocabularies. Onomatopee informs about form and discusses content, thereby turning style into cultural politics on a neutral basis. Subjects of projects might equally rest on or connect with the visible surface of the everyday as it can be more thoughtful and more demanding. We produce the alternative and voice the margin together! Onomatopee can assist in the smart setting of project ambitions, artistic and financially, and therefore appreciates receiving proposals at an early stage to get the best result in reach and content-output. It is through teaming up and release of inspiration, that Onomatopee widens the bandwidth and supports a public resistance needed for contemporary citizenship, builds and grows an independent community.

Onomatopee promotes thinkers and doers and releases impulses to citizenship and knowledge of life, normalising the ever-expanding margin of cultural innovation.

If your proposal feels honest and good to you, please email Freek.

Some useful testimonies of cooperators

I was impressed by the openness to share in dept knowledge about how to construct and design the information flow in books, how to invite co-authors in a strategic manner and how to come to the complete realization of such a project.
In order to do so they shared their network and Freek connected me to the best graphic designer I could wish for.

It was great to work with Onomatopee! 

Marina Toeters


When Moore College of Art and Design invited me to do a Fellowship and suggested making a book, I asked friends about how they had gone about this. I heard horror stories from friends about publishers going bankrupt and throwing out their books, of book binding falling apart after a year, of printers using cheap ink that runs, and of artists having to mail thousands of books personally. And then, I heard about Onomatopee. They are successful because they have relationships of kindness and rigor with the designers, printers, and distributors, and they have a decade or more of experience and trust with those vendors. The result is a process and a book that Moore College of Art and Design and I are so proud of.

I recommend working with Freek / Onomatopee to all organizations, artists, and theorists who are aligned with values of transparency and generosity. Freek / Onomatopee was consistently transparent and direct in communicating about everything — providing an overview of the process of working together, supporting the conceptual development of the book, providing regular feedback, and knowing which approaches to design, printing, binding, and distribution would be most aligned with the content of the book. Working together, we created a high-quality book that is a conceptual work in and of itself. 

Caroline Woolard


I had a really good experience working with Onomatopee. The process was always transparent and I felt I was in good hands. 

For the people interested to approach Onomatopee for a commission/collaboration I would recommend to have a look at their website and projects they have. This will allow them to see whether or not the project will be a good fit to Onomatopee. 

Yulia Popova


Over the last ten years, following several books produced by Onomatopee and hearing from friends who worked with him, I’ve come to respect Freek Lomme through his work as an editor and publisher, and have been highly impressed with his approach and his taste. My experience with him, in the context of our Bestiary of the Anthropocene, has proven to me he is a multi-talented individual who brings a combination of focus and vision to everything he does; with a great efficiency, pragmatism and ambition in putting projects together.

Nicolas Nova


We’ve been lucky enough to work with Onomatopee as a publisher of our latest book A Bestiary of The Anthropocene.
From the start Onomatopee’s conditions and workflow were extremely precise and transparent which is a very rare and precious quality. They have been really supportive and pro-active during the whole process, by providing refined feedbacks as our artbook project evolved. They operate with a network or extremely skilled book-makers covering all the production chain from papermaking, to printing and bookbinding, which allowed for the production of a really unique looking object.

In addition to an international distribution, you can expect to meet Onomatopee’s team in the best international Art book fairs, which is in itself a sign of credibility, and a good place to start discussing a book project — as we did when we met Freek at Los Angeles Art book fair a few years ago.

Looking forward to work on new projects and book fairs together!


“Working with Onomatopee and in particular with Freek was fruitful and inspiring. Freek is curious, thorough and quirky and he pays attention to both form and content. I am very glad my book is part of the great Onomatopee collection.”

Doina Kraal


Onomatopee projects

Cultuurhuis, offices and warehouse:
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5613 LB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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t. 0031(0)40 298 98 92

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Bank address for foreign payments: ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Gustav Mahlerlaan 10 1082 PP Amsterdam.

EORI: NL815883924

Member of

De Zaak Nu – union of Dutch art spaces
De Kunst van Brabant– union of art organisations in the province of Noord-Brabant


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