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Bureau Just

Sense & Sensibility 3: Agency for Feminist Practices.

Onomatopee 150.3

According to Olle Lundin, the rationality of us is but an illusion. We are all culturally prompted by society to mirror and reflect behaviour, and to act on the already well-trodden paths of our gender, class, or whatever else might constitute an identity. Through his work, Lundin wants to engage in conversations around equality, freedom, and respect in order to actively set an agenda of this in the city of Eindhoven.

For 2 days a week, the designer will be present in the exhibition space and conduct further research into social theory related to queering practices, feminism, equality, economy and class. This will be combined with a field practice that collects auditive interviews to be archived into podcast-like segments. All the facilities that are needed will be present at Onomatopee, temporarily transforming the exhibition into a research base. When not in use by Lundin, the space will present audio fragments from the interviews that he conducted. Besides this, the visitor can also see the planning, scribbles, and unanswered questions that will be present in Lundin’s ‘office’. The business element is present in this project because it seeks to highjack elements of documentation and corporate-style strategy. The visual set-up of it draws on the formal aspects of a standardized office, therefore playing with the notions of normalcy. Through conducting interviews within Eindhoven, this project will also engage in the variety of social networks that constitute the city.

Through his work as a social designer, Olle Lundin (1988, Sweden) investigates various social and political themes around gender, identity and the body. His projects materialise social theory and contemplate the norms of design and the social context in which it occurs. Lundin uses his own body as a means of communication, which he then uses to express critiques in outcomes as varied as body movement, experience design, fashion, performance and radio. Over the past year, Lundin has investigated how a museum collection can be viewed through a queer perspective and thereby questioning heteronormativity in art and society. Since his graduation in 2016 from the Design Academy Eindhoven, direction Man and Communication, Olle Lundin actively performs as a speaker and organiser of debates, reading groups and public events centred around gender issues.