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Launch VISIONS BY Issue No. 4

Saúl Baeza will guide us through the VISIONS BY universe while navigating their visual archive


Saúl Baeza (VISIONS BY Editor-in-chief) will introduce VISIONS BY universe while navigating through their visual archive: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Coca-Cola and Mentos DIY videos spread on YouTube. He will chronologically explore Issue’s No. 1, 2 and 3, present issue No. 4 and introduce the upcoming contents of issue No. 5.


VISIONS BY PEOPLE ABOUT MATERIAL CULTURES is a Barcelona based knowledge platform with a biannual magazine distributed internationally, addressing various perspectives on material cultures from a critical and speculative approach in research. Its purpose is to raise awareness regarding materials, going beyond their physical properties, and considering them as a new emerging discipline with its own identity that articulates the world. Materials are intrinsically linked to the evolution of humanity: they provide identity, build heritage, and project futures. We focus on the social impact and perception of materials, as well as their relevance in activating and dynamizing various cultures and socioeconomic systems globally.

With biannual presentations and participative performances by rising and consolidated people, VISIONS BY magazine issues are conformed by a curated eclectic mix of articles, photographic essays, interviews and case studies, englobing the different forms of understanding the different material cultures that historically and contemporaneously define the cultural, social, and economic context in which we live.

VISIONS BY has been presented at international universities, educational institutions and cultural venues such as Harvard GSD (Boston), Central Saint Martins (London), Bungee Space (New York), DDW (Eindhoven), Casa Bosques (CDMX) or Casa Antillón (Madrid), among others.


Saúl Baeza is DOES, MAYBE and VIBE Creative Director and VISIONS BY Founder and Editor-in-chief. While lecturing at Elisava Barcelona University of Design and Engineering he also researches about identities and surveillance with the "Future Everyday" Research Group (TU Eindhoven Research) and "Futures Now" Research Group (Elisava Research). He has been visiting professor and lecturer at international universities, educational institutions and cultural venues such as Harvard GSD, Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication (UAL), Institute for advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), RMIT University Melbourne, Pascual Bravo University in Medellín (Colombia), Sónar+D, Victoria&Albert Museum, CCCB and DHUB, among others.


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