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Parentesi Cinema x Onomatopee



Parentesi Cinema is a nomadic platform designed to exhibit and disseminate moving images directed by designers, artists, and architects. The Cut-out Body is a selection of works that have as a common theme the body: its materiality, its details, its textures, its cultural meanings, and its traumas.


Parentesi Cinema works with movie session formats and spatial installations to generate a dedicated space where to elevate and appreciate moving images. The project aims to foster an environment conducive to an immersive appreciation of experimental video content.
The installations we design aspire to challenge conventional cinema perceptions, transforming from a static container to an adaptable sanctuary molded by the interplay between content (films) and container (host venue). We believe that effective dissemination of specific moving image materials necessitates the physical space contributing to the overall experience.
Thus, our efforts transcend cinema consumption, evolving into the orchestration of tangible convergence moments, compelling us to invest significant efforts in crafting unique cinematic installations each time.
On this behalf, for DDW 2023 we are pleased to introduce The Cut-out Body, a curated selection of video essays, experimental films, and moving images, made by different international artists, which have as a common theme the body: its materiality, its details, its textures, its cultural meanings, and its traumas.

We see an infinite number of images of bodies every day on the infinite number of screens that surround us. We are too accustomed to assuming the idea of the body through this format, but: is it really possible to narrate and perceive the body through a screen?
The moving image gives us what a body cannot give us. It partially interprets the body, certainly, but it is in this deliberate and conscious partiality that the beauty lies. The film fixes the image of a body and makes it unalterable, but moving images are also a means of being able to alter the perception of something, they are dynamic by nature, as its very name indicates. They make the body become a fixed image that does not represent the full reality, so it creates a fiction. And it is in this fiction that the body finds a new mobility, a new freedom to narrate itself. The body without a body, that is a projected body, now becomes a body rich in details and in stories. A new corporality. It becomes a specific and, therefore, a more real body.