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Dear visitor of our website.


We are very pleased to find you interested in visiting our exhibitions. Please register below.

At the moment, we do not host offline public events (lectures, book launches etcetera), but please join our online program!


We welcome 20 visitors max at a time for now, excluding us as your host and optional speakers and others.


We follow the protocol for presentatie-instellingen.


This means, most of all:

  • do not visit us when you show or experience 'symptoms'
  • keep 1.5 meter distance, or even more if you can
  • register at the entrance desk
  • please wear a mask or buy one at Onomatopee
  • please do not sing loud when others' are close. Try to hum or, even better, play tunes inside your head.
  • wear available gloves if you want to brows books in the bookshop
  • We are obliged to discourage usage of the restroom, and if you do need to use it, we encourage you to keep the door open and only touch the absolutely necessary toilet paper and clean all you can afterwards
  • please return home safe, preferably alone, by bike, rollerskate, skateboards, car, motorbike, foot, jetpack or so, once you have finished the absolute necessary cultural digestion.



Please select the date and time-slot of your visit.

Please mind the hours of the public program you want to attend are the equivalent of the hours you reserve.

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