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Graphic Designer

Adriaan Mellegers



Onomatopee 96 / Cabinet / July 4 - 20, 2014

Ensembles assembled: in full color.

A project that highlights the visual report between social realism and euphoric utopianism referencing the visual and material facilitation of socially unifying rituals.

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Onomatopee 57 / Cabinet / Feb 18 - Mar 20, 2011

New Scenes

A comprehensive solo exhibition in Museum van Bommel van Dam, flanked by a documentary exhibition in Onomatopee, and an accompanying publication.

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Onomatopee 57

New Scenes

Esther Tielemans

€ 30

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Onomatopee 96

Ensembles assembled: in full color

Katrin Korfmann

€ 20

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Onomatopee 96.1

Artist edition (photo) by Katrin Korfmann – HL 42 (2014)

€ 300

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