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Jens Pfeifer


Onomatopee 158 / Cabinet / Aug 25 - Sep 30, 2018

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Katrin Korfmann

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Onomatopee / / August 25, 2018

The do it with others - festival

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Onomatopee 158

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The Making of Art and Culture
Katrin Korfmann, Jens Pfeifer

€ 27

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Onomatopee Z0011

Role Play Education

Josh Plough (ed.)

€ 10

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Onomatopee 127

Artist-Run Europe - Practice/Projects/Spaces

Mark Cullen, Gavin Murphy (eds.)

€ 25

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Onomatopee 163


Jacob Lindgren (ed.)

€ 22

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Onomatopee 162

Navigation - A Publication for a Place without a Historical Center, Created Continuously Anew in Meetings and Events That Occur in Empowered Spaces, Simultaneously

Rikard Heberling, Hinrich Sachs, Kirke Hundevad Meng, Samuel Richter (eds.)

€ 20

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