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Propose a book project

Onomatopee welcomes proposals and collaborations.

Onomatopee welcomes proposals on the basis of a motivated engagement with Onomatopee’s work and a smart proposal: artistic, financial, minimum and max ambition or something along those lines.

Please know we do not need a fixed plan, but value an outline of basic premises, how this premise is evidenced by the content, what the content would or could roughly be, who you would like to involve, what the indicated costs are to produce this and if you have benefits guaranteed or expected. It is also helpful if you can share what you would want from Onomatopee in the production and artistic management of the project.

On this basis, we can open up a conversation. Depending on the proposal Onomatopee can contribute to costs of research and development, production and presentation, publishing and distribution.

Onomatopee promotes progressive voices, ideas and expressions that, by their unique nature, deliver unique vocabularies. Onomatopee informs about form and discusses content, thereby turning style into cultural politics on a neutral basis. Subjects of projects might equally rest on or connect with the visible surface of the everyday as it can be more thoughtful and more demanding. We produce the alternative and voice the margin together! Onomatopee can assist in the smart setting of project ambitions, artistic and financially, and therefore appreciates receiving proposals at an early stage to get the best result in reach and content-output. It is through teaming up and release of inspiration, that Onomatopee widens the bandwidth and supports a public resistance needed for contemporary citizenship, builds and grows an independent community.

Onomatopee promotes thinkers and doers and releases impulses to citizenship and knowledge of life, normalising the ever-expanding margin of cultural innovation.

We welcome and encourage you to propose your project to our publishing house via and We will do our very best to answer between 4 to 6 weeks.