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Field Essays - Things that Happened. Brynjar Sigurðarson

Field Essays.

Onomatopee 55.2

Field Essays & Studio Brynjar & Veronika (Reykjavik / Berlin) present Things that Happened, an immersive set up celebrating the first publication of Sigurðarson’s animated body of work, a book accompanied by a vinyl. Shark and Whale, Secretary and Artist, Swimming Pool, Pigeon, Botox: especially for Field Essays, Sigurðarson recorded and composed (auto) biographic stories. They are presented for the first time, next to printed fabrics from the ongoing Society of things / Visual Vault collection.

Iceland during winter is completely dark.

You don’t see anything. And when you don’t see, you start to imagine.

Field Essays
explores the tactile world of art & design, and takes on the form of an occasional journal, shared through exhibitions, educational workshops and lectures. Every issue tries to capture the way of working of an emerging designer or artist by looking into the sources and motives behind the work. Affiliated artists, thinkers or scientists are invited to join the conversation as a way to create new viewpoints on the work. Moving back and forth between reflection and fieldwork, Field Essays is as an attempt to weave a visual grammar of artistic research.


Brynjar Sigurðarson (IS) holds a Master’s degree from ECAL / École Cantonale d’art de Lausanne and a BA degree from The Iceland Academy of the Arts. Today he works between Berlin and Lausanne, where he teaches Design research at the ECAL Masters department since 2011. Sigurðarson received the Grand Prix Design Parade 6 at Villa Noailles (FR) in 2012. His documentary Borgþór Sveinsson Bullfish was selected by design visionary Li Edelkoort to be screened on national Dutch television. His growing body of work has been presented internationally, among others at Design Indaba (RSA), Sandberg Instituut (NL) and MAK Vienna (AT). Commissioners include Sèvres – Cité de la Céramique, CIRVA Marseille, Camper, Spark Design Space, and Galerie kréo (FR).

Tim Ingold (UK) is currently Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, where he directs the five year research project Knowing from the Inside. Ingold has carried out ethnographic fieldwork among Saami and Finnish people in Lapland, and has written on comparative questions of environment, technology and social organisation in the circumpolar North, on the role of animals in human society, and on human ecology and evolutionary theory in anthropology, biology and history. He is currently writing and teaching on issues on the interface between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture. Books by his hand include Lines: A Brief History (2007), Being Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description(2011) and Making: anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture (2013).



Onomatopee 55.2, Atelier Sophie Krier, 2015

Field Essays #3: Things that Happened.

Brynjar Sigurðarson

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An exclusive book about the wonderful work of emerging Icelandic designer Brynjar Sigurðarson, and his curious encounter with anthropologist Tim Ingold. Includes a foreword by design visionary Li Edelkoort. Edited by design researcher Sophie Krier. 

Included in this book are a conversation with anthropologist Tim Ingold on the origin of things, as well as a 12-inch vinyl for which Sigurðarson has collected, recorded, and mixed stories on musical soundscapes. A selection of previously unpublished drawings and writings will thrill amateurs of hand-made details, myths, darkness, isolation, micro-history, memory, stones, animals, and the supernatural.  Instinctively bridging the fields of design and anthropology, industrial manufacturing and craftsmanship, Brynjar Sigurðarson has built a rich body of work over the past years. His way of working can perhaps best be compared to the attitude of a hunter on a constant lookout for the unusual, becoming one with the very world he’s studying. The book is the third publication of an on-going research entitled Field Essays, which explores the tactile world of thinking and making, and was initiated by Sophie Krier in 2008. Next to periodical books, Field Essays takes the form of exhibitions, debates and educational programs.




305 x 305 MM  / 12 inch x 12 inch
Sophie Krier
Tim Ingold, Li Edelkoort
ringband bound
Unicum by Gianotten, Tilburg (NL)
Image specs
56 full color images and 5 black/white images 
including 12 inch white vinyl
Text editor
Ellen Zoete
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