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Cut Off by d-o-t-s

A creative writing workshop


Onomatopee is happy to host d-o-t-s during Dutch Design Week 2023.

d-o-t-s is a nomadic curatorial practice founded by Laura Drouet and Olivier Lacrouts. The duo’s investigations focus on the diverse and questionable relationships that human communities establish with other animals, plants, and landscapes. Defined by the participatory and interdisciplinary approach, d-o-t-s’ work spans writing, exhibition-making, hands-on workshops and design commissions.


CUT OFF A creative writing workshop

At a time of climate instability, the sealed and controllable conditions of the greenhouse have rendered tangible the mad dream of a spaceship capable of extracting us from the blue planet. Inspired by a series of projects – both real and fictional – that have imagined, planned or tested humans’ escape from Earth using greenhouses, this creative writing workshop invites participants to conceive anticipatory tales of dystopian/utopian/protopian futures.

WHEN: 28TH OCT, 10h-18h
WHERE: Lucas Gasselstraat 2a, 5613 LB, Eindhoven

To reserve your spot, please find the tickets here.



About their research

Shifting away from their celebration as technical prowesses and exceptional architectural feats, d-o-t-s’ research looks critically at greenhouses as controversial (agri)cultural production tools. Re-examining them from a social, historical, environmental and creative perspective, d-o-t-s wish to unveil the multilayered identity of greenhouses, casting light on some of the controversies and opportunities they embed. The stories that the duo highlight talk about vegetal displacement, colonial appropriation and pollution, but also of empowerment and resilience.





Onomatopee 245, d-o-t-s (Laura Drouet, Olivier Lacrouts), 2023

Greenhouse Stories

A Critical Re-examination of Transparent Microcosms

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Architecturally speaking, the term ‘greenhouse’ refers to buildings designed to optimally protect, cultivate and propagate plants under conditions that artificially reproduce their environments of origin. Employed successfully over centuries, these transparent microcosms have allowed some nations to improve their scientific knowledge, provide botanical education and develop horticultural innovations. Parallel to the benefits they brought with them, greenhouses have also had – and still have – harmful consequences on the way we relate to others, both humans and other-than-humans, and the environments we co-inhabit with them. 

Shifting away from the celebration of greenhouses as technical mastery and exceptional architectural feats, Greenhouse Stories is an invitation to critically look at greenhouses as controversial (agri)cultural production tools. Re-examining them from a social, historical, environmental and creative perspective, the essays and interviews featured in this book highlight stories of vegetal displacement, colonial appropriation and pollution. Yet they also help us to understand that greenhouses can be fertile spaces for women's empowerment and the nurturing of socially-engaged and eco-conscious projects.

At a time of great anthropocentric pressure on the planet, we believe that questioning the greenhouse as a symbol and a tool can help us re-establish more humble and meaningful connections with the Earth and its living communities.

With contributions by: Natalya Ayers, Luis Berríos-Negrón, Adriana Craciun, d-o-t-s, Charlène Flores, Monica Gagliano, Prudence Gibson, Fiona Inglis, Téa Laurent, Simon Lenskens, Michael Marder, Coltrane McDowell, Joanna Moreno Michels, Claire Ratinon, Simon Ronceray,  Penny Sparke, Kate Teltscher, Ken Walczak.

160 mm x 220 mm
d-o-t-s (Laura Drouet, Olivier Lacrouts)
Luis Berríos-Negrón, Adriana Craciun, d-o-t-s, Monica Gagliano, Prudence Gibson, Téa Laurent, Michael Marder, Claire Ratinon, Penny Sparke, Kate Teltscher
Structure Bâtons
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Munken Print White 90g, Munken Lynx 300g
Printon, Talinn
Media 77 (Optimo), Doodah (Structure Bâtons)
Onomatopee project manager
Jesse Muller, Natasha Rijkhoff
Deborah Tyler
Structure Bâtons
Photography in the book
Coltrane McDowell, Simon Lenskens, Charlene Flores, loop (Olly Cruise, Steve Ginepri, Services for Creatives, Mike Zenari)
Made possible by
Esch 2022 - European Capital of Culture (Municipality of Sanem), Anna Loporcaro, Services for Creatives
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