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Hinrich Sachs, Kirke Hundevad Meng, Samuel Richter, Rikard Heberling., 2018

Navigation - A Publication for a Place without a Historical Center, Created Continuously Anew in Meetings and Events That Occur in Empowered Spaces, Simultaneously

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In this paperback, questions regarding how to navigate in the present are not raised to generate an answer, a method, or a map, but rather as framing principles analogous to those of a logbook. On a voyage, a ship’s crew registers surroundings and important events in a manner such as this. The cargo contained within this edition is an assemblage of materials provided by over 60 practitioners from a variety of professions and personal backgrounds, and is therefore heterogeneous in terms of language, form and content. The resulting narratives emerge across the pages in the trails left by individuals and collectives of human beings as they move, teach, learn and unlearn, traversing the various apparatuses that determine their agency. In this way, the term navigation is activated, implicitly and explicitly on myriad levels such as the biographical, historical, epistemological, technological and the aesthetical.


Edited by Hinrich Sachs, Kirke Hundevad Meng, Samuel Richter, Rikard Heberling.

With texts by Robin Curtis, Ellie Ga, Tim Ingold, Hana JaberLisi Raskin, Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, Lili von Wallenstein and Barbara Wien and contributions by Catalina Aguilera, Ehab Aljaby, Søren Andreasen, Isak AnshelmMalou da Cunha BangDonatella Bernardi, Ludvig Briland, Anton BrolinDector & DupuyMarjolijn Dijkman, Tomas Kominis Endresen, Helena Fernández-Cavada, Yara Flores, Gideonsson/Londré,  Goldin+Senneby, Cecilia Grönberg, Karin HaldMarcus HarrlingMohomodou HoussoubaJacob Grønbech JensenSophie JungOscar Lara, Lars Bang Larsen, Doris Lasch, Leonela Lilja, Cecilia Luzon, Toby Lynas, Jonas (J) Magnusson, Nanna Nordström, Mateusz Nowak, Kristoffer Ørum, Asier Perez, Daniel PianettiFalke Pisano, Gabriel Säll, Eran Schaerf, Jacques Henri Sennwald, Adam Shiu-Yang ShawAron Skoog, Simon Starling, Jonathan TerryYusuke Toda, Hedda Viå, Gitte VillesenApichaya Wanthiang, Johan Widén, Filippa WiknerYun Yu, Klara Zetterholm.

Made possible thanks to the Royal Institute of Art as well as by private funders.




125 x 200 mm / 5 x 8 inch standing
Hinrich Sachs, Kirke Hundevad Meng, Samuel Richter, Rikard Heberling.
Rikard Heberling
sewn and glued
64 pages full color full spread images
Printon, Tallin (EST)
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