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Artist Bar

Onomatopee 0

OMG! Have you heard of the new place in town?!

It’s called The Artist Bar. It’s where you go to lose a few brain cells and then gain some. Shed your self-loathing like a sloughing snake and come bathe in our pink light. The time, once a month on Friday. The space, Onomatopee. See some interesting stuff. Hang out with us. We’re here for you and your friends. The Artist Bar offers (next to beer and nuts) a thematic program that’ll trepan your mind. YOU can even curate things at The Artist Bar. From rapture to enlightenment, The Artist Bar is a sanctuary for the lost and a springboard for the curious. Come one come all to Eindhoven’s latest mass movement. Take a stance, then a swig, and come join the private drinking club.
Once a month on Friday, from 17:00 at Onomatopee