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The Bungalow Book Presentation - presentation

Onomatopee 106

By Anouk Kruithof (book) & Elise van Mourik (set)

Welcome to Onomatopee’s Cabinet exhibition space. What you see is a mise en scène which might entangle you in oblivion. Possibly the book presentation took place here,  or are we waiting for something to happen?

The Bungalow is a book by Anouk Kruithof, based on Brad Feuerhelm’s obscure photo collection. By lack of a clear context of the selected snapshots, she decided to consider the pictures as entities, which she subsequently, by means of reinterpretation and image manipulation, endowed with new meaning. The book was published by Onomatopee in October 2014. It was designed by Christof Nüssli and was voted one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2014. It will be as if it has never existed, just as the historical background in vernacular pictures continues to exist only in oblivion.

The Book Presentation – presentation has been arranged in a formal way, with available objects from the gallery, supplemented with festive balloons, suggestive of a celebration. Space seems to come to a standstill, as in a photo. And we are absorbed into the picture. A piece of oblivion, resembling the oblivion in which the historical reality on the snapshots continues to exist.



Opening Saturday February 27th, 4 PM
on untill March 27th, Thursday-Sunday 1-5 PM
(and by appointment of course)




Onomatopee 106, Anouk Kruithof, 2014

The Bungalow

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Immersed in collector Brad Feuerhelm’s vernacular photo collection, artist Anouk Kruithof moved into a bungalow where she developed a niche relationship with the photos and transformed the image archive. She visualizes scenarios in which images, through the imaginary space of our conception, and parallel to digitization, leap across the tooth of time. The personal image relations, all but magically approached and released, offer new perspectives, to relate us, one-to-one with the image, to the present post-digital image economy in which our image memory moves. Furthermore, the technical angles give insight into the way we can process our image memory.

The five differently-processed image stories make this book a layered ‘Gesamt-sculpture’ that has a lot to say about the actual status of our image memory. The Bungalow is an ‘image wonderland’ in which a closed meeting represents the ‘bite’ of the leap.

1a Screen-reality
2 Eye candy
3 Bunkerocks
4 Ghostbondage
5 Command Shift 3; New Photography
1b Screen-reality


Anouk Kruithof is educated as a photographer, but she considers photography more as a starting point of various possibilities. She makes photo, video, and spatial installations as well as social, in-situation works or "take away art." She is a frenetic artist-bookmaker. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and she won numerous prizes.

Brad Feuerhelm is a London based, American collector and dealer in vernacular photography. He is also a writer on photography for such publications as 1000 Words Photography, The British Journal of Photography and Eyemazing. Through exhibitions and publications he collaborates with artists using his collection as a source for new artist-books (as in the case of The Bungalow) or as a starting point for organizing exhibitions, such as Unnatural Selection, which he curated at UNSEEN Amsterdam in 2013.


Concept & image: Anouk Kruithof
Book concept: Anouk Kruithof, Christof Nüssli
Graphic design: Christof Nüssli
Source of images: Collection Brad Feuerhelm
Texts: Anouk Kruithof, Brad Feuerhelm, Freek Lomme
Advice: Freek Lomme

Made possible thanks to the generous support of Mondriaan FundsMunicipality of EindhovenPrins Bernard Cultuurfonds



228 x 170 mm / 9 x 7 inches portrait
Anouk Kruithof, Christof Nüssli, Freek Lomme
Anouk Kruithof, Brad Feuerhelm, Freek Lomme
Christof Nüssli
Anouk Kruithof
full color, 254 full bleed and full spread illustrations
Taco Hidde Bakker
Photography of the book
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