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Eindhoven Footnotes:

an open source tool that acts both critically and speculatively while tracing the presence of technology in our smart city.

Onomatopee 161

Part of Onomatopee Design Week 20-28/10, 2018

Special opening hours:
Sat. 20 to Sun. 28, 13:00-19:00
Except for Friday 26 and Saturday 27 until 20:30

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Eindhoven Footnotes is a six month long grassroots project that investigates the lived experiences of citizens in a technocratic city. Through the lens of design, writing, researching, archeology and artistic practice, the city will be dissected by an editorial board overseeing a group of students and citizens. The research will result in one zine a month, five in total, with the project culminating in a publication with critical reflections from the editorial board, outside critics and commentators.

Each zine will have a theme that will be in line with, and overseen by, an editorial board member’s particular quality; say the built environment, data or challenging power structures. Throughout the six months there will be a permanent reference library and zine making space that the students will have access to as long as Onomatopee is open. Visiting outside of work hours can of course be arranged.

Stylesheets will be created by the designer Yorit Kluitman so the project is brought together under a cohesive graphic direction. These stylesheets will be added to and layered on by the students. This means that each publication will be unique while not feeling disparate. They will also be printed at Onomatopee on their Risogrpagh and distributed free across the city.The first zine will come out for Dutch Design Week, 20-28 Oct 2018, with a launch talk and discussion around the project.


> Language in a Provincial Metropolis: Jan Schevers, TU/E

> A New Dark Age (working title): Ben van de Broek, Erfgoehuis

> Not Knowing The City of Knowledge: Jacqueline Schoemaker, artist

> Criticism in the City. Josh Plough, Onomatopee