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OMP8 / Research project
vis à vue
A visual manual for visual culture

A project on visual literacy for which Onomatopee invited graphic designers/typographers to visualise their position in relation to visual literacy. These visions resulted in the publication of vis à vue, a visual manual for visual culture.

As people increasingly tend to read the world visually, it might be good to stimulate visual literacy. This book, conduced in the format of an exhibit, showcaes typographers who visualised their visually literate position in relation to the world, thus enabling users of the book to gain knew relations and increase their reach of perspectives. 

When shown at the fairground of the Dutch Design Week 2006, many housewives who got interested in the diverse storys and perspectives, bought the book. We expect them to have returned home and getting into debates over the literacy involved with their families; very nice results!

Curator/project manager/editor:Freek Lomme

Graphic design book and exhibition: Remco van Bladel

Participating typographers / graphic designers:
Bart de Baets, Derk Reneman & Manuela Porceddu, Eric de Haas, Harmen Liemburg, Hans Gremmen, Jonathan Puckey, Karen Willey, Lesley Moore, Martijn Sandberg, Marjolein Delhaas, Meeuw, Modern, No-Office, Rob van Hoesel, Roger Willems, Severin Frank, Thomas Buxo, Tobias Schaub and Yvonne van Versendaal

Made possible by: Municipality of Eindhoven


vis à vue – a visual manual for visual culture

Price: € 10,00    

Photography Maartje van der Schoot

Photography Maartje van der Schoot

ISBN 90-78454-03-2

170 x 240 mm / 6,7 x 9,4 inch
96 pages
edition : 1000

full color


Freek Lomme

Graphic design:

Remco van Bladel

Printing and lithography:


© Onomatopee 2011