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Onomatopee 57 / Cabinet project
New Scenes
A comprehensive solo exhibition in Museum van Bommel van Dam, flanked by a documentary exhibition in Onomatopee, and an accompanying publication.

Solo show and publication by Esther Tielemans

As we communicate we produce our own identity and that of others, often without being aware of it. Each group and each person does this in their own way, although pop culture and commerce tend to dominate mainstream communication. These many flows and voices make up the dynamic theater of life; and in a sense, they provide the medium for painting the theatre scenery.
Tielemans presents painted panels as decor: full of colour, hanging on the wall, lying on the floor or hanging free in space. Together this decor forms an abstract landscape through which the viewer can walk. She draws attention to the visual quality of concentration, sensation, relations, attraction and repulsion – as if played out on the world as a stage in front of her. Where strength and sensation often compete for attention in our visual culture, Tielemans unifies their voices. Via painterly techniques, she stalls any aesthetic judgments within landscapes, which sensationally compete for the eye’s attention against bare horizons. And in her absolute reduction of the physical environment around us, the artist prohibits us from making any moral judgments either. Tielemans’s work takes over our mind and bodies, and realigns our attention.

The ancillary publication thoroughly maps the recent work of Tielemans and relates it to her previous projects. The tension between painting, interactivity and popular culture is outlined in a text by Saskia van de Wiel, curator at Museum van Bommel van Dam. Freek Lomme, director Onomatopee, places the visual signature of Tielemans in a current cultural context and designates the value of this expression.

Van Bommel Van Dam exhibition curator:Saskia van de Wiel

Onomatopee exhibition Curator:Freek Lomme

Editorial publication:Saskia van de Wiel,Freek LommeEsther Tielemans

Graphic design publication:Adriaan Mellegers

Photography exhibition Onomatopee:Fieke van Berkom


New Scenes
Onomatopee 57

Esther Tielemans

Price: € 30,00    

ISBN 978-90-78454-61-8


22,5 x 28,5 CM

90 pages

Full color, extra fluor


Printed at:Lecturis


© Onomatopee 2011