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Onomatopee 50.7 / NEST project
What is (still) natural in an experience economy?

A solo show and publication by Nacho Carbonell  

Nacho Carbonell works within a culture of free-time and luxury, and seeks there the boundaries of a semi-fundamental / authentic experience. His work balances on the borderline between nature and culture. The work is exceedingly stylistically ‘designed’ and is thus as visually stimulating as the work of Anish Kapoor, but slick as a consumer product. Nonetheless his creations are unique objects, sometimes functional, sometimes not, but as images, always functioning autonomously – they always pose questions. This autonomy takes the limelight within the parameters of experience, which, through experimental use of materials, conveys a natural palpability. It doesn’t criticise directly, but rather poses extremely high-cultural, luxury questions about the natural within and of the experience economy.

Curator, managing director and editor: Freek Lomme

Text publication: Julie Taraska, Ellen Zoete, Marco Tobasso, Freek Lomme

Graphic design:Raw Color

Photography:Fieke van Berkom

Made possible thanks to:City of EindhovenBKKC

In colaboration with The London Royal College of Art’s Critical Writing in Art & Design programme


What is (still) natural in an experience economy?
Onomatopee 50.7

Nacho Carbonell

Price: € 15,00    

Photography by Raw Color

Photography by Raw Color

ISBN : 978-90-78454-74-8


17 x 23 CM

64 pages

Full color and duotones



Printed at:

New Goff


© Onomatopee 2011