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Onomatopee 55.1 / Cabinet project
Field Essays - Jonathan Muecke and Bas Princen
The design process unveiled

Onomatopee & Atelier Sophie Krier present Field Essays, the design process unveiled. Field Essays brings together reflection and fieldwork in an ongoing research into the tactile world of design thinking and making. Field Essays looks at processes that emerge on the frontiers of the design field – where imaginative tactics and territories are explored. By following the production of new work Field Essays acts both as a trampoline and a sounding board for the participants.

Every issue is a renewed attempt at formulating a visual grammar of design research. Ultimately, Field Essays strives to emancipate the design process from its instrumental role by gaining understanding of and contextualizing its nature and manifestations.

Field Essay #1 juxtaposes the work of designer Jonathan Muecke (USA) and photographer Bas Princen (NL). With his photographs, Princen frames built and un-built landscapes – revealing their mind-blowing oddities. On the other hand, the core motive of Muecke’s design practice is “to retain potential in an object”. Muecke’s bold artifacts act like probes that venture into the realms of our perception – attempting to detect its mechanisms. Both create visual propositions that “make room” – thereby making room for another reading of the world.

Sunday 21st of October, 16:00h
Field Essays, Issue One, lecture & book presentation “Every object contains an image”
With a double lecture by photographer Bas Princen (NL) & designer Jonathan Muecke (US). Followed by a conversation about the underlying motives of their work. Moderator: Sophie Krier


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Curator/editor: Sophie Krier
Project management Onomatopee: Ellen Zoete
graphic design: EricandMarie
Field Essays, Issue One is supported by a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. Partners: Utrecht Manifest & Sandberg Institute / Immediate Spaces.


Field Essays by Sophie Krier. Issue One. Every object/image contains an image/object. Jonathan Muecke and Bas Princen
Onomatopee 55.1

Sophie Krier, Jonathan Muecke and Bas Princen

Price: € 24,00    

isbn: 9789-078454-97-7
Hardbound slipcase w/ 1 softcover and 2 zines
7 x 9 1/2 inches / 112 pp / 25 b&w and 20 color 

© Onomatopee 2011
Exhibition view, Photography by Studio Clack
Exhibition view, Photography by Studio Clack