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Onomatopee 121 / Cabinet project
Fashioning Value— Undressing Ornament

Launch during Dutch Design Week 2015
day and hour will be announced. 

Alongside the literal form of ornament a contemporary form has emerged, which shares the ascribed characteristics of the literal ornament, but has an even more pervasive effect. This ornament, that takes the shape  of (commercially) constructed values and relates to branding, storytelling and the experience economy, plays a key role in the understanding of fashion today. Interwoven in design practices this value-ornament  has gained a dominant position in today’s consumer society. By considering the layered character, the evolution of ornament and reflections on this from various sources and contexts ranging from Adolf Loos to Michel de Certeau, this text focuses on the impact of the contemporary value-ornament on today’s makers and users revealing potential for future alternatives.

Femke de Vries works as a designer/artist and researcher in the field of fashion where she focuses on the social, economic and design-related effects of fashion as a system aimed at value production.

Author and editor: Femke de Vries
Textediting: Ruby Hoette, Hanka van der Voet
Translation: Nanne op ‘t Ende
Graphic design: Inedition 
Made possible thanks to the generous support of the LeoXIII gastatelier, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Kunstraad Groningen. 


Fashioning Value— Undressing Ornament
Onomatopee 121.1

Femke de Vries

Price: € 15,00    

ISBN 978-94-91677-88-5

second print: new design!

Swiss binding, embossed cover
120 x 160 mm standing / 5 x 6 inches standing
88 pages inside, duotone 

Graphic design by Hans Gremmen
Made possible by Onomatopee and Femke de Vries 

Fashioning Value— Undressing Ornament
Onomatopee 121

Femke de Vries

Price: € 12,00    Sold out!

ISBN 978-94-91677-44-1 

Softcover, 60 pages
170 x 240 mm / 6,5 x 9,5 inches
English language only
17 images in 1 PMS 

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