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Onomatopee 5 / Cabinet project
Silent Jokes

‘Silent jokes’, The DVD, contains 18 short films of the Antwerp based artist Jan Leenders. In the films you see Jan telling a joke. The joke’s in English but the sound’s off. Luckily enough there are subtitles. That made this object so damn interesting to Onomatopee: the nice exchange of text, sound (actually non-sound) and visuals (one can almost hear Jan talk when looked at him on screen). Furthermore: the humour is nicely dry.

Curator/project manager/producer:Freek Lome

Graphic design: Remco van Bladel


Silent Jokes
Onomatopee 5

Jan Leenders

Price: € 0,00    Sold out!

DVD, printed at Luc Sponsele’s DVD printer (still rare production devices at that time)

© Onomatopee 2011