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Onomatopee 63 / Cabinet project
Closed Architecture / Gesloten Architectuur
Art, property of politics III

A project by Jonas Staal based on a 
concept by Fleur Agema


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This project is an introduction to ‘Closed Architecture’, the 2004 graduation project of Freedom Party MP Fleur Agema. Visual artist Jonas Staal offers insight into Agema’s development as architect and politician. Moreover, he investigates the extent to which her architectonic work exerts an influence on current government policies and hence the organization of our present society.

Agema’s graduation project comprises a sketch for a new prison model, which she has developed during her Master’s degree in Interior Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Jonas Staal expanded Agema’s sketches into a fully developed model, which visualizes her thoughts in detail, and thereby offers new insight into her ideas and concepts. Several architects and designers have assisted Staal during his research, which has resulted in a number of digital renderings, like the one on show at Onomatopee, and a scale model.

In an ongoing series of multidisciplinary installations, movies, and publications entitled Art, Property of Politics, visual artist Jonas Staal investigates the meaning of visual art within contemporary political practice. His research extends from the exhibition of art collections of political parties to the mapping of the (former) artistic practices of individual politicians. Departing from such concrete case studies, he investigates the current meaning of ideology and the way in which it is reflected in ideas that determine it, such as freedom.

Curator: Lene ter Haar
Editors: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Urok Shirhan
Texts: Jonas Staal
Graphic design: Eric de Haas
Supported by  Mondriaan StichtingMunicipality of Eindhoven
BKKC/Province of North Brabant, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Kunsthal Extra City Antwerpen and Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.


Closed Architecture / Gesloten Architectuur
Onomatopee 63

Jonas Staal

Price: € 15,00    

Click here for a fee download of the book.


ISBN 978-90-78454-75-5


112 pages

Full color

13 x 20 CM


printed at: Lecturis


© Onomatopee 2011
Photography by Fieke van Berkom
Photography by Fieke van Berkom

Photography by Fieke van Berkom
Photography by Fieke van Berkom

Photography by Fieke van Berkom
Photography by Fieke van Berkom

Photography by Fieke van Berkom
Photography by Fieke van Berkom