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Onomatopee 60 / Research project
Dear Onomatopee,
On five years Onomatopee and beyond

All you need to know to the first 5 years and, possibly, even the years after.


Feel free to download a less colored and less visual version here

Onomatopee gives insight into and an overview of 5 years of dynamic partnerships in designing culture. A variety of voices have united in this platform for progressive cultural production – they put our culturally designed mentality, its politics and possibilities, on the agenda.

Midway through 2006 writer / curator Freek Lomme and graphic designer Remco van Bladel initiated a platform for projects that consist of both the experience that an exhibition can offer and the depth of content of a publication. 5 years and over 70 projects later and operating from their 700m2 project space in Eindhoven, Onomatopee continues to organise a broad movement of and for a diverse group of involved persons and organisations.

What is the value of this initiative that became an establishment and could become an institution? Onomatopee strives for visual emancipation – to involve people in the visual culture in which they live. It wants to offer the public a critical insight into the motives and modes of expression with which politicians and commerce form our public space. Onomatopee wants to expand the public platform by mediating between visual professionals and specialists with regard to content – between the professionals who fear that their authority will be undermined by popular culture, and the general public who is sceptical of the power of that professional elite. 

In short: Onomatopee discusses our designed culture and offers a space for people who dare to doubt – a space where they can take and retake a critical position – Onomatopee is a platform for (self)critical citizenship.

Curator/editor: Freek Lomme


Annelys de Vet

Jan Boelen

Bas Kwakman

Maaike Lauwaert

Hans Robertus

Lene ter Haar

Nils van Beek

Paul De Bruyne

Ranti Tjan

Steven ten Thije
Graphic design: Eric de Haas and Martijn Maas

Photography exhibition:Peter Cox

Partner organisation:Van Abbemuseum

Supported by:Mondriaan Stichting,BKKC/Province of North BrabantSNS REAAL fundMunicipality of Eindhoven

Sponsor: Lecturis



Dear Onomatopee,
Onomatopee 60

Onomatopee and friends

Price: € 5,00    

ISBN 978-90-78454-70-0

Feel free to download a less colored and less visual version here

Magazine 20 x 30 CM

poster cover

Full color, black/white and duotones

64 Pages



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© Onomatopee 2011