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Onomatopee 1 / Research project

‘Playword’ contains four poems that were manipulated by sound artists. Side a contains two of the same poems although one’s in English and one’s in Dutch. Two different artists worked on these. The same goes for another poem on side B. Thereby we wanted to investigate at to what degree the sound of a language and the content of a poem would matter. What resulted were sounds that suited the content of the poems, despite of the used language. The four sound pieces are diverse but suit each other in our opinion. Guitar noisers Erwin van Looveren and Jan van den Dobbelsteen made respectively hard/dense and acoustic/improve noise. Electronic Musicians Machinefabriek and Freiband made respectively an almost industrial, dark piece and a minimal, light weighted piece.


Freek Lomme

Music by:
Machine fabriek
Jan van den Dobbelsteen
Erwin van Looveren

Poems by:
Freek Lomme

Graphic design by:
Remco van Bladel


Onomatopee 1

Machinefabriek, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Erwin van Looveren, Freiband, Freek Lomme, Remco van Bladel

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7 inch vinyl, poster

© Onomatopee 2011
Photography Remco van Bladel
Photography Remco van Bladel

Photography Jan van den Dobbelsteen
Photography Jan van den Dobbelsteen