The Value of Void.
Onomatopee 45

Navid Nuur

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ISBN 978-90-78454-41-0

210 x 270 mm / 10,62 x 8,26 inch
336 pages

Full color

Edition : 1500

Texts: Xander Karskens, Andrea Linnenkohl and Thibaut Verhoeven. Graphic design: Remco van Bladel and Navid Nuur.

Navid Nuur brings about a conceptual, cognitive awareness of our being, moulding the physical sphere of the metaphysical. The Value of Void expands on these endeavours, as ’intermodules’, generating a sphere in between the material and immaterial domains. Mapping the scope of this intermodular specificity, The Value of Void offers insight into a practice of immaterial sculpting. 

As quest into these parameters, this publication engages with our (visual) culture, specifically its immaterial sphere. The Value of Void therefore adds up to cumulating of knowledge as gathered by Onomatopee, lead by the Onomatopee objective to research and display the parameters of our (visual) culture. 

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fonds bkvb
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The Value of Void - limited edition
Onomatopee 45.1

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