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Onomatopee 123 / Cabinet project
A Man, A Village, A Museum

A public side-project on the occasion of Li Mu’s exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum will take place in- and outside Onomatopee’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ location.

Onomatopee project space and warehouse (outside)
Hallenweg 1C
5615PP Eindhoven

19 September 2015 - 10 January 2016

For over a year Chinese artist Li Mu was working with the residents in his hometown Qiuzhuang in China to copy artworks from the collection of Eindhoven’s Van Abbemuseum. Li Mu selected artworks by Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Dan Flavin, Andy Warhol, Daniel Buren, Carl Andre, John Körmeling and Ulay & Abramovic. The works were installed in the homes and streets of the village to initiate dialogue between East and West, at the same time to question how these works of art can function in this different environment and what reactions, responses they may generate.

The documentation of this project - a video installation is on view at the Van Abbemuseum; while Onomatopee presents a large-scale photograph of the reprodcution of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing number 480 in Qiuzhuang, China, together with videos about the process of it’s making.

Parrallel exhibition at Onomatopee organized by Kris Dittel
Project assistance: Isis Tweepenninckx and Marleen Krijnen
A project in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum.
Made possible thanks to the support of the Mondriaan Fonds and the Municipality of Eindhoven.



A Man, A Village, A Museum
Onomatopee 123

Li Mu

Price: € 22,00    

After a residency of a few weeks in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (NL), Chinese artist Li Mu developed a unique art project. In his home town, Qiuzhuang – a small village 800 kilometres south of Beijing – he copied classical modernist artworks by well-known Western artists like Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Richard Long, Andy Warhol, Daniel Buren, Carl Andre, John Körmeling, as well as Ulay and Marina Abramović from the collection of the Van Abbemuseum, displaying them in the houses and streets of Qiuzhuang. For more than a year, Li Mu collaborated with the villagers, trying to create the experience of what art brought to him and what it could bring to them.

This book documents this extraordinary project with a selection of texts from Li Mu’s diary together with interviews, reviews, photographs and drawings.

Editors:  Gu Ling, Li Mu

Authors:Jesse Birch, Jiao Dongyu, Charles Esche, Davide Quadrio, Gu Ling, Zhong Ming, Li Mu, Ellen Zweig

Design: Studio Joost Grootens

288 pages, softcover

ISBN 978-94-91677-46-5



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re-done entrance to Onomatopee warehouse
re-done entrance to Onomatopee warehouse

Li Mu: Qiu Zhongjia and Li Shiru made a snowman in front of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing No 480
Li Mu: Qiu Zhongjia and Li Shiru made a snowman in front of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing No 480