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Onomatopee 66 / Cabinet project
the Axis of Praxis

Solo show and publication by Koen Delaere 

Koen Delaere proposes a fundamental, hardcore, and truly preliterate sphere as a preliterate body. He reconstructs material integrity in order to release a resistant, symbolic sphere of abstract, tempting beauty beyond the ambiguous and unambiguous: a sphere of resistance. ‘Fuck it’ may very well be released progressively rather then regressively; we just have to reach out to its variables.


The book serves as a book of references concerning Delaere’s symbolized matter of friction, discussing its outlines through assembled images and texts.



Curator: Freek Lomme
Editors: Koen Delaere and Freek Lomme
Graphic Design Publication: Remco Torenbosch
Writers: Nancy HoffmannFreek LommeHans Theys and Lorenzo Benedetti
Made possible thanks to: Mondriaan StichtingMunicipality of EindhovenBKKC/Province of North Brabant, Municipality of Tilburg 



the Axis of Praxis
Onomatopee 66

Koen Delaere

Price: € 15,00    

ISBN 978-90-78454-64-9
42 pages
full color
17 x 24
Edition: 700
Printed at: Lecturis



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