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Onomatopee 117 / Cabinet project
Let’s start playing the game!

October 17 - November 15th 
Open Thursday to Sunday 12:00-17:00

Saturday october 24th, 16:00 

Every day, 11:00 to 19:00, during Dutch Design Week (17-25 October) 

Onomatopee project space and book shop
Willemstraat 27
5611 HB Eindhoven 

Curated by Freek Lomme in collaboration with Veerle Devreese for the Flemish art centre ‘De Brakke Grond’ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, hosted by Onomatopee.

Participating artists/designers:
Heyheydehaas (NL), Julien Carretero (FR/BE), Thomas Lommee (BE), Uglycute (S), Mireia c. Saladrigues (SP), John Körmeling (NL), Ryan Gander (UK), Aurélien Froment (FR).

Contributing authors: Petra Van Brabandt, Paul De Bruyne, Florian Schneider, Rene ten Bos and interviews with Slava Kozlov by Harvey Herman and Arnon Grunberg by Laurence Scherz.

Spatial design by Anthony Kleinepier Graphic design by Strange Attractors

If we want to stimulate innovation and open dialogue, we cannot always play by the rules. A certain amount of anarchy and tolerance towards the rules are indispensable to stimulate creativity and co-creation. Things don’t get really exciting until we move into a different field of play, expand our territory onto other gaming boards, admit new players or different elements. Usually, we play with our own kind of people, people from our own ‘tribe’. Within our own group, we are familiar with the ambitions, with those factors that contribute to success, and with the winners. 

In the exhibition Let’s Start Playing the Game, Heyheydehaas, Julien Carretero, Thomas Lommee and Uglycute have designed four new games for this exhibition on the basis of their expertise in the creation of relevant, stimulating situations in which production, dialogue and wonder can come together. The games are like satellites in this universe, the entrance to and routes through which have been created by designer Anthony Kleinepier.

In addition, existing works with a playful component will be shown by artists Mireia c. Saladrigues, John Körmeling, Ryan Gander and Aurelien Froment. Each taking its own course and creating its own perspective – but all offering possibilities to follow different paths.

Visitors will be challenged to take part in the games, both to learn and to enjoy: to play with ambitions, social needs and identity on the basis of forms of production and interaction. Welcome to this world, in which every game can be passed through resolutely, and with other players, familiar and unfamiliar. This playful experience is a real challenge. / Let’s start playing the game!

Made possible thanks to the generous support of Stichting DOEN and the Flemish government


Let’s Start Playing The Game!
Onomatopee 117

Freek Lomme (Ed.)

Price: € 10,00    

ISBN: 978-94-91677-37-3

144 pages
9 x 15 CM / 6 x 7,5 inches
8 spreads with full color images
Edition: 750  

Presenting various perspectives by artists, designers and writers, this reader will try to guide you in understanding and approaching play as a synonym for social conduct and as practice for social intercourse.

Editorial / intoruduction by curator Freek Lomme

Authors:  Florian Schneider, Freek Lomme, René ten Bos, Paul De Bruyne, Petra Van Brabandt, Laurence Scherz and Harvey Herman.

Artists:  Heyheydehaas, Studio Julien Carretero, Thomas Lommée (in collaboration with Yorit Kluitman), Uglycute, Mireia c. Saladrigues, John Körmeling, Ryan Gander and Aurélien Froment.

Graphic design by Strange Attractors



Let’s start playing the game! Is part of Hack / Play, a month in which we re-write the rules. For a whole month De Brakke Grond provided a space in which to push at boundaries of the rules of play. Play along in the exhibition, at the market, in the theatre, on the gaming board, in the city and in your head.



© Onomatopee 2011
exhibition photography by Peter Cox
exhibition photography by Peter Cox

exhibition photography by Peter Cox
exhibition photography by Peter Cox