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Onomatopee 24 / Research project
city branding as city branding criticality


We went on a trip to Milan by caravan with a variety of cultural entrepreneurs from Eindhoven. For the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Onomatopee produced a poster containing a selection of references to sources that (critically) engage with the topic of (city) branding. We did this since the context of our presentation is Eindhoven branding itself and since there is an awful lot of stuff on show at such weeks whereby selection is overall a manifest issue.


By producing and presenting the poster not only in English, but also in Italian, out on the streets and in discourse with people in the direct environment, we stimulated the debate and awareness of the brand, as icon for and by the identity of a certain mass.


Project managers:Mari Tosmin and Moniek Cretier

Curator:Freek Lomme

Graphic design:heyheyhey


Onomatopee 24


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poster, white on black silkscreened 

© Onomatopee 2011