Makesazinescene II: Club de Travail
Sunday, April 29, 13:00 - 18:00

Sunday April 29, 13:00-18:00
I would prefer to
read underneath my desk, sculpt with left-overs, cook in the water fountain, dance ballet in the elevator and spin my bosses’ swivel chair.

Being at work and having to work on a specific task often stimulates the mind to produce stunning phantasies. But how do we use our work time actually? And what possibilities do we have to act differently at work?

Club de travail (Adeline Molle, Kathi Seebeck, Marine Kaiser) invites you to an afternoon around misappropriation of work time, the redirection of consolidated working policies and the possibility of thereby finding new sense and purpose at work. 

We will discuss our specific practices of  perruque  – a term Michel de Certeau uses to describe how employees (no matter how restricted they are at work) tend to find a gap within their work situations in order to secretly fulfil their own desires. 

By producing a collective little booklet we will capture the highlights of the afternoon. 

The participation is free (but please register via mail here).

Bring writing or drawing tools, good stories as well as your critical attitude

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