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Onomatopee 90 / Cabinet project
Didn’t Know But Knew It All Along

Running untill March 22nd

Open Thursday - Sunday, 13:00-17:00 

Featuring work of:
Alejandro Cesarco, Carlotta Bailly Borg, Feiko Beckers, Lynne Cohen, Theo Cowley, Aukje Koks 

Responding to her recent book with Onomatopee, Aukje Koks brings together the work of six international artists in Didn’t Know But Knew It All Along, an exhibition that looks to question the normality of the everyday. Attempting to voice feelings and thoughts, the participants explore and present the mundane in a way that appears close to fiction. 

The artists appear able to reframe the details of real life: to make reality feel like a play in the theatre, not as an illusion, but as a way of seeing the unreal. Memories are being studied and repeated, as if to try and understand to a deeper level what has before been experienced.  

New possibilities and parallel realities are presented as an alternative to accepted truths. Rehearsal is used in order to play; the script can change. Different elements are explored and choices arise that could ultimately be told as a sea of possibilities. Language has become a thing in itself that can be questioned. When modest situations are combined, new actualities can arise. Truth is revealed by adding a lie, and vice versa.

This dynamic is what fascinates me personally: influenced daily by a stream of information, I constantly have to stop and reconsider what is true and what is not true, and contemplate how to listen to ’the other’.

Aukje Koks, organiser of the show

Organiser: Aukje Koks
Project Assistant: Harvey Herman
Made possible thanks to: the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Mondiraan Fund 


Ways of Being
Onomatopee 90

Aukje Koks

Price: € 20,00    

ISBN 978-94-91677-27-4
Softcover, swiss binding
64 pages, full color 

Under the semblance of normalcy Aukje Koks’ works unite art and spectator in a split dimensionality; her paintings and sculptures make us aware of the perspective from which we view things. In Ways of Being these images are being shown in tandem with informal, prosaic reports in which friends, critics and curators attribute a relationship to this reality.

This book creates an awareness for the relationship between the image and its perception. It surfaces the commonality of visual categorical mistakes* and thus creates an ethical space for parallel perspectives. Very playful and tangible with the art as a thing among things, Koks stands up for a free parallelism.

*A category mistake, or category error, is a semantic or ontological error in which things belonging to a particular category are presented as if they belong to a different category (Simon Blackburn 1994. The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, Oxford University Press, p. 58, according to Wikipedia).     


Editor: Aukje Koks in collaboration with Freek Lomme (texts) and Boy Vereecken (images)
Graphic design: Boy Vereecken 
Contributing Writers: Bart Groenendaal, Bianca Stigter, Chris Sharp and Constance Barrère Dangleterre

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