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book launch Modus
Thursday, October 25, 16:00 - 20:00

Book launch with the editors, participants and more!

With this publication we will launch the MODUS project including a glossary of terms that form the beginning of a manual for expanded practice in fashion.


With an introduction by Caroline Stevenson and Ruby Hoette

and contributions by Ricarda Bigolin, Janice Miller, Marco Pecorari, Ellen Sampson and Alexis Romano and T’ai Smith.


Designed by Roland Brauchli 


Onomatopee 148 / Cabinet project
Mapping Expanded Fashion Practices

MODUS is a platform for expanded fashion practice through Onomatopee Projects, initiated and led by Ruby Hoette and Caroline Stevenson in collaboration with Roland Brauchli. 

MODUS will be in residence at Onomatopee throughout October with the launch of its first publication during Dutch Design Week 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

a mode of procedure: 
a way of doing something

Contemporary fashion culture is seeing creative practitioners actively seeking to challenge traditional practices and question the very definition of their discipline. While the mainstream fashion industry continues to uphold commercial boundaries, there are emergent practices that propose alternate value systems and thus different ways of thinking, doing and being fashion. These are expanded fashion practices: experimental methods, curiosity and criticality that have the ability to interrogate the social, cultural, political and environmental impacts of fashion and point to a future that transcends the current capitalist paradigm.

MODUS is a project to bring together and map these diverse and rich practices and provide a platform to bridge the divide between theory and practice in fashion. It will facilitate conversations between the practitioners working in this expanded field and writers/theorists from a range of disciplines including sociology, cultural and critical theory, politics and economics to help formulate new perspectives on fashion.

MODUS will take various forms from publications to events and workshops – all with the aim to establish an international research network that represents and supports this community of expanded practice.


About the collaborators:

Ruby Hoette is a designer/researcher. Her critical and experimental approach proposes alternate modes of engaging with and producing fashion. By framing the garment as a unique artefact carrying traces of social, cultural and economic interactions and transactions her work explores fashion in context and unpicks the complex relationships between object and system.

Caroline Stevenson is a London based curator and writer working at the intersection of fashion and art. She works closely with emerging and established artists to research and develop new projects and to create space for experimentation, dialogue and exchange. She has produced projects and programmed events for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, ICA (London), Tate Modern and Tenderbooks (London). Caroline teaches in the Cultural and Historical Studies department at London College of Fashion and publishes writing on artists’ practices.

Roland Brauchli is an artist graphic designer, working across the fields of print, design and art. He collaborates with artists, writers, curators and publishers on publications and exhibitions through his work, which focuses on the printed page.

MODUS is kindly supported by Province of Noord-BrabantLondon College of Fashion and Goldsmiths University of London



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